Providing the Need of Red Meat in Turkey



Turkey is known as an agricultural country. However, the country is now in the position that produces insufficient and imported red meat. If red meat imports continue, milk imports will also be inevitable. With the migration of people gathering livestock to the cities, the production has reached the end of production. Consideration of the production of meat and milk together, the increase of meat production in each region of the country, especially the increase in the number of small ruminants, and accordingly, the weight of carcasses per animal should be raised. For cattle production; the import of butchery animal must be abandoned. For breeding material, cross breeds of domestic breeds and combined breeds should be used. The organization should urgently be made for the production and the marketing in the sector. Also, employees should be under social security. In small and medium sized enterprises, state economic institutions and state support are essential for input, production and marketing. Red meat consumption habits should be determined on a regional basis. This will also lead to the creation of new organizations in the region through meat production. It is important that all relevant breeders and organizations take active part in the establishment of agricultural policies.


Red meat, meat import, Turkey

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